Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing and mobile advertising is growing exponentially and yielding to substantial ROI for many businesses. However, when it comes to social media marketing, there is no one-size-fits all social media strategy. That being the case, you need to know which social media sites will best suit your needs, your audience,  and your marketing goals.

The most widely recommended and used platforms in the social media industry are the heavyweights in the industry: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. But even so, these giants in the industry are not necessarily suited for every business. A prime example would be a divorce attorney. Would you want to “LIKE” a divorce attorney and advertise to the world that you’re going through a divorce? Probably not. On the other hand, would you watch a YouTube video created by a divorce attorney explaining the steps you should take to avoid a long, bitter battle? In this example, YouTube would be better suited for the divorce attorney.

The first step in determining which social media sites will provide the greatest return is to define the goal behind the marketing campaign. Without a specific goal in mind you won’t have a way to measure your success with each platform, or be able to determine which platform(s) will work best to accomplish the goal. It’s not enough to engage in social media because “everyone is,” or because Facebook has enough members to be its own country and you want that type of exposure for your business.
Our Social Media Marketing expert offers a tier system for our clients. but there are many brands that social just won’t work for, so we focus on using it as a form of customer service.

Once we pick out where in the social media realm you want to establish your business, and how you will be utilizing a particular platform (i.e. promotional, customer service, interaction with your clients/customers, and so on), a marketing plan is tailored to your business model. A marketing plant dictates how often to add content, what content will work best and tips on growing your following.

Once that plan is put together we can function on one of three levels:

  1. We act as a consultant and you do all of the posting; Our social media expert monitors your sites, provides feedback, and helps with troubleshooting. This of course is the least expensive plan and works great for companies that have someone who is interested in social media and has a spare hour a day to work on it.
  2. Work with someone in your office and we schedule posting times, so that we do some posts and you do some posting.  Your designated person is trained to eventually take over and use our media expert as a consultant.
  3. Our Social Media expert does all of the content posting, answer the questions posted by your customers/clients and works on engaging and building the fan base.  Most companies start with the option 2 and by six months we pull me back and  just monitor and make suggestions.

All levels include creating the pages and custom tabs if applicable, a monthly report on how we are doing to meet your goals, changes that need to be made and suggestions for improvement. All plans also come with one Facebook contest if the client chooses to have one.

The rate varies on which plan you choose and your business model.  If  we’re doing all of the posting and your service or product is obscure it takes longer to find/write content, and so the monthly fee may be higher than for a product that is more familiar.

Contact us if you would like for us to put together a proposal that includes the social media channels that will work best for your business, and your social marketing budget.  As a general guideline; The most expensive plan for an obscure product/service with our Social Media experts doing everything for you usually runs about $500 a month.  However, most clients don’t need all of that time and run somewhere in the middle tier.