Work Ethic, Creative, Goes Above & Beyond


Terri is a phenomenal web designer! I cannot say enough good things about Terri’s work!! Her work ethic, creativity, integrity, and brilliance cannot be emphasized enough. I hired her to design a website for my new business and she went above and beyond in every respect. She was always available and made every change I asked for, she even made some changes that I am not creative enough to think of and they look absolutely amazing. If you ever need a web designer, do not hesitate to hire Terri for the job. I cannot thank you enough, Terri!

(Also on the Maintenance Plan)
The maintenance package that I have used for the last year has saved my site more times than I can count! I have been spammed by every single country on the planet and before I signed up for the maintenance package, I received hundreds of spam messages every single day. Not only has Terri managed to reduce that number to zero, she updates all of the plugins, performs the software updates every time WordPress releases an update, and she even writes blogs for me with relevant and fresh content for my site! Whenever I have a question for Terri, she always responds to me right away and frankly, I don’t think she charges enough money for the maintenance plan! I get to run my business with total peace of mind that my site is being 100% taken care of.