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A lot of people think that what they are paying for when they get a new website is like any other product they buy. If there’s a problem with this “thing” after they’ve purchased it they can send it back for a repair or redesign; at no charge.

A website is not at all like a product. Unlike buying a new car, there is no Lemon Law remedy you can turn to if your website breaks within the first year or 30,000 hits; whichever comes first. There are no guarantees or factory warranties.

The two most common questions asked in regards to website design proposals are: How much does a new website cost, and how long does it take?

When it comes to designing, or redesigning, a new website the answer to both questions really is "it depends." Liken it to asking an architect how much it would cost to build a house. Do you want a one-story, 2 bedroom home, or do you want a multi-level home with all of the latest custom upgrades and appliances?

Here's where "it depends" comes into play:

  • Will your site be a static website, a WordPress site, or something else?
  • Will you be placing all of the content yourself?
  • Will we need to purchase stock photos for your site?
  • If it's a WordPress site, will it be a small starter site, or a full-blown content-rich site with added features such as video and/or photo galleries, or a multi-level slider?
  • If your web project is an update to an existing site: How easy is it to make updates to the current site?  Updates/changes to static sites could take a lot longer than WordPress sites, though some WordPress sites are more difficult to update due to the theme that's being used. An example of a more complicated WordPress theme would be one of the over-bloated themes from ThemeForest.

So basically, it really depends on the the size and scope of the project.

If you want to make a lot of changes to your current site, then you’re probably looking at a website rebuilt from the ground up. A brand new website may or may not use your existing content and/or media (videos, graphics, and so on).

As a general guideline, website projects that we’ve done have ranged between $1,800,00 to $10,000. Some have been lower/higher.

On the high end; a lot of customization was required, including needing special coding, custom images, logo creation, and content writing.

Regardless of the size of your website, every project is performed in a professional and timely manner.

Turn around times vary depending on the size and scope of the project, but most of all, on the timely manner in which all content is received.  If it's a small starter site, your site can be ready for public consumption within 24 business hours. On larger sites, the time frame can be 3 to 6 weeks.

Web Design & Development Process

  1. Initial Consultation and Information Gathering
  2. Planning
  3. Design Concept Presented
  4. Development
  5. Testing
  6. Delivery / Launch
  7. Maintenance

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"Awesome!!! This is just a beginning. Very happy with the result. More to come. We met the initial objective of creating a mobile friendly website that has a contact form and better SEO. It also looks better and more professional than the previous website. Definitely got my money’s worth and feel happy about it.”

Michael Oyster

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